Commercial Aerospace Components

ToughMet alloy provides high strength, durability and stability under extreme loads and the wide range of temperature experienced during flights. Resists galling, corrosion and wear.


  • Landing gear
  • Wheels and brakes
  • Control surface and actuator bushings and bearings
  • Compression fit airframe fasteners
  • Connectors in electronic systems

Learn about our alloys for commercial aerospace components.

Heavy Equipment Linkage Bushings

ToughMet alloy supports heavier loads and increases equipment uptime in high pressure, low speed applications. Resists wear and corrosion by debris. It is anti-galling and allows heavy edge loading.


  • Mining shovel and dragline undercarriage bearings
  • Large excavator bucket bushings
  • Continuous miners
  • Extrusion press plates
  • Marine prop shaft bushings

Learn about our alloys for heavy equipment linkage bushings.

Oil and Gas Equipment Components

ToughMet has attributes beyond those found in high-strength copper alloys used in high temperature, high pressure regimes. It resists corrosion, erosion and wear.


  • MWD, LWD, directional drilling tools
  • Drill bit bearings
  • Well-head control and manifold systems
  • Landing systems
  • ROV systems

Learn about our alloys for oil & gas equipment components.

High Performance Power Train Bushings

ToughMet alloy provides longer life in higher speed, lower pressure applications. Eliminates galling and has high static and fatigue strength. Highly machinable. Low friction allows for cold starts.


  • Racing valve guides and seats
  • Gear box thrust washers
  • Engine and generator bearings
  • Valve spring retainers
  • Camshaft bearings

Learn about our alloys for high performance power train bushings.



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The properties of Materion Performance Alloys’ high-strength, copper-nickel-tin ToughMet® alloys provide many advantages in demanding end-use applications that range from aerospace bearings to heavy equipment linkage bushings to oil and gas equipment components and industrial power train bushings.

ThoughMet is a trademark of Materion and is presented by James Coppell Lee.