Cutting Services

Cut To Length

Wakefield Metals operates a cut-to-length facility and precision leveller for processing non-ferrous sheet from coil to customer requirements. Equipped with an automatic stacker the line processes coil up to 1550mm in width, from thickness of 0.45mm to 3.25mm. This facility enables fabricators to purchase pre-cut sheet, which reduces waste and on-site fabrication, resulting in lower overall costs. It also reduces the lead-time necessary in sourcing sheet to customised sizes.

Band Saws

Wakefield operates 6 band saws and have the capability to cut up to 500mm in diameter and discs as small as 5mm to close tolerances. (dependent on bar diameter)










List of WM Band Saws

A5 Kasto         (Max 500mm Dia)

460 Kasto       (Max 400mm Dia)

400 Everising (Max 300mm Dia)

Cosen             (Max 300mm Dia)