At first, the architecture grade material is bright red rolled copper.
TECU® Oxid
Copper sheets and strips are pre-oxidised on both sides in a patented industrial process that is gentle on the material.
TECU® Patina product range
Patinated copper for immediate use to satisfy the highest aesthetic demands in building design.
TECU® Iron
Fascinating and lively perspectives with copper in facade cladding and in roof design.
TECU® Zinn
To manufacture TECU® Zinn, copper strips are specially tinned and surface-treated on both sides.
TECU® Brass
As one of the best known copper materials, brass is now available as the new TECU® Brass, created by blending a special alloy of copper and zinc.
TECU® Bronze
The original warm reddish-brown colour of TECU® Bronze develops in a distinctive manner through weathering.
TECU® Gold
Copper and aluminium: a combination as good as gold.

Ecological Copper

  • Made from 100% recycled copper
  • Saves CO2 emissions and energy usebollino100en.png
  • Fully retains beauty, quality, workability, applicability and recyclability of our well-known TECU® products
  • Will soon be proven by international certificates
  • The best offer for a modern green building material



TECU® Patina

New diversity for a green facade.



TECU® Product range

Copper for Roof and Façade Cladding